Satisfied customers are our motive, we earned the trust of our customers by putting all our effort into our products and services.

Donna Howard

Astro Lighting

“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is an excellent resource and data tool. It is well researched giving links between architects/ interior designers / investors and hotel chains. This saves an invaluable amount of time and effort which can be focused into the actual selling process. Accessing the information is simple, straightforward and user-friendly. TOPHOTELPROJECTS has become an invaluable tool within our business.”

Walter Bossé

Les Meubles St-Damase

“As a manufacturer/supplier of furniture integral to design of rooms and public areas, it is imperative that we have access to the decision makers on furniture selection early on in the project development. A database of buyers/procurement firms with contacts, like TOPHOTELPROJECTS is an invaluable tool for our company.”

Angel Alcalde

Hotel Depot

“A full window of opportunities waiting for you to take them. Great value content.”

Gordon Brown


“I have been a subscriber to TOPHOTELPROJECTS for several years, and find it to be an excellent resource; well-researched, with accurate data and an easily understandable structure allowing accurate drill-down to the precise information you are looking for. Their recent combination of both “projects” and “chains” into a single database has enhanced an already valuable resource. They are also a very approachable company to work with, and respond well to “on-ground” feedback and requests for further information. I have no hesitation recommending TOPHOTELPROJECTS to anyone who has an interest in the ever-changing hotel industry.”

Jason Kurth


“Your research team is really great about updating records. I receive probably 2-3 e-mails a week informing me of updates to my favorite projects, which allows me to stay on top of them.”

Lars Nielsen


“Nice people with a no problem attitude. We rely and enjoy our corporation!”

Marcus Nettelbeck

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality GmbH

“With TOPHOTELPROJECTS we perfectly overview the current and future hotel construction activities.”

Patrick Versée

Gerflor Benelux B.V.

“We are really satisfied about the data that TOPHOTELPROJECTS is delivering, and easy to filter. And above all a very accurate after sales service!”

Rob Ranshuysen

Geesa bv

“Since we intensified our activities in the DACH lands, we use TOPHOTELPROJECTS every day. It’s the optimal tool to get faster in touch with the projects. It elevated our efficiency and success rate. Also it gives us a very good overview where is built.”

Silvina Silva

Amorim Revestimentos SA

“High quality database very useful and easy to access by our hospitality sales representives.”

Holger W. Altvater


“Thank you very much for the comprehensiveness and quality of the data you provide and foremost the outstanding customer service from TOPHOTELPROJECTS. As you know, we are long-time customer and I feel that we still receive the same dedicated customer service that we received day one! Few companies today offer ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. Our global team can always depend on timely and knowledge response; even is this requires working across various time zones. We, here at Kuehne+Nagel, were most appreciative of your support for our global survey too. The time you spend with us provided many new insights which should help us to improve our service to the hotel industry.”

Bo Kristian Jensen


“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is a very good portal. Always working well. All new projects are in. Recommended!”

Chris Bruce

Electric Mirror

“Thorough data service, good contacts and updated information.”

Hugo Silva


“We are happy with the amount and accuracy of the data and also the consistent improvement and actualization of the database.”

Khadidja Thys


“Experience has taught our sales team that sourcing data requires a lot of time, money and effort. TOPHOTELPROJECTS is an amazing resource to us which has significantly changed the way we work. Faster moves are made in the hospitality industry thanks to the accurate and up-to-date project information to which we have access at all times, both in the office and on the road. Needless to mention that this great sales tool largely contributes to the increasing success Umbrosa books in the project market. It took the TOPHOTELPROJECTS team a while to convince us, though all I can add is that we should have signed up earlier.”

Laurent Ginioux

CreaStyle Shanghai Uniform

“Straightforward, simple, comprehensive: TOPHOTELPROJECTS is the prospect tool we are using on a daily basic at CreaStyle – Highly recommend it!”

Mendel Peereboom

Forest Group

“The TOPHOTELPROJECTS database is for us a great tool to analyse with our customers the possibilities in their market. It keeps our organisation up to date with what is happening in the world of hospitality.”

Ralf Aubele

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

“We are very happy with TOPHOTELPROJECTS. The data provided and information given is an important base for our sales activities. It enables us to work very focused and to act fast within the market. A service that makes things a lot easier for us and that we like to use.”

Roberta Andrielli


“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is a great daily support to get our business moving on. The complete information, the good service and the great availability of the all team from TOPHOTELPROJECTS are a very valuable resource for our company. Thank you all!”

Stefan Brommler


“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is providing really good service. Even if you have a question about specific projects, the customer service is acting and helping very fast. Keep on going!”

Stephanie Pulwer


“Our company tried a number of different data providers but TOPHOTELPROJECTS is the best source by far. We have been using the online database for years and it has become an essential tool for us. The information is well researched and reliable. In case of any queries the support team responds immediately – we feel we are in good hands and therefore highly recommend TOPHOTELPROJECTS.”

Julia Brogan


“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is an invaluable tool for our sales team; it saves a lot of time and effort researching. The database is user-friendly and the information very comprehensive. Highly recommend it!”

Florian Feil

KFP Group – Five Star Conference Service

“We let TOPHOTELPROJECTS do the hotel project research, so we have more time & energy available to focus on the selling.”

Ilker Hussein

Laufen Bathrooms

“I have worked with a number of Global Data Sources for many years, but have found the services and support from TOPHOTELPROJECTS to stand out by a mile; they present a human side to data management in working closely with their clients to deliver results. By supplementing the knowledge, experience and awareness of our team, TOPHOTELPROJECTS have been able to support the plans and aspirations of our local and global project teams with valuable and timely information to strengthen our project capabilities. Our commitment towards International Projects allows us to be part of the global specification community, which is strongly supported by TOPHOTELPROJECTS. I have no hesitation to recommend TOPHOTELPROJECTS.”

Kim Peacock

Villeroy & Boch Bathroom & Wellness

“TOPHOTELPROJECTS is a great lead generation database! We are on our 4th year subscription, very easy to navigate, good valuable comprehensive project information, can download all the data you require. Would be lost without. Keep up the great project information.”

Laurentino Vizan

BOND Events Americas Inc.

“The information that we need from TOPHOTELPROJECTS is great and very useful. There are a number of Hotel Designer companies and Hoteliers that are already participating at our events and it is good to see that they are also in your system”.

Peter Kugler

Häfele GmbH & Co KG

“TOPHOTELPROJECTS offers users a variety of valuable and detailed information about current hotel projects worldwide. Therefore the user saves a time and cost consuming acquisition and the sales team has a high benefit from it.”

Rannie Yeo


“Data is complete and the filtering functions are very helpful.”

Sandra Hirsch

Konrad Hornschuch AG

“The search functions and the diverse filter options make the use of TOPHOTELPROJECTS very easy. Through these functions you get, with minimum effort, a great many relevant hotel projects including the related project participants.”