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Account Manager

1. Add an employee/change was rejected

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2. Restrict Countries for your Team

The account manager can restrict the view of other users:
Go to “My Employees” > Click on the tab “Contracts” > Click on “Assign User” > Behind each user is a “Edit Countries” Button > Take out the boxes that the user should not see.

General Functions

1. Search for a Company or a Person

If you want to look for a certain company or an architect, you can use the filter “Office/ Company” (for companies) or “Contacts” (for persons). Choose the filter you need and start typing the name into the keyword search. After three letters, the system will offer you suggestions.

2. Specific Project not visible any more

Three months after being opened, projects are no longer visible. Old notes you may have, are still visible though.

3. Country not found

If a country cannot be found, the reason is that there are no luxury projects ongoing at the moment.

4. Project not in the Database

If you cannot find a project in our database, please contact us via the support button. We will research the project as soon as possible and come back to you.

Export Function

1. Export Search Results / Excel

If you have bought the add-on you can see the button “Export Search Results” in the row underneath the number of search results. Please keep in mind that only around 150 projects can be exported per list.

Would you like to buy the add-on, please contact

2. Empty Excel Sheet

You tried to export more than 150 projects or did not remove the check before the column „Description“. This is a very long text and not meant for excel exports.

3. Export Results incorrect

If you write a word into the „Keyword Search“ without choosing a filter first, the system looks mostly through the text fields. Therefore the results may be not as accurate.

Database Terms

1. Star Rating

Tophotelprojects is adapting the European system in categorizing the hotels into 1-5 stars. We evaluate hotels worldwide according to this system.
Most of the hotels are branded by a specific Hotel Brand, which sets its own standards and therefore is settled within a definite “Star-Rating” (e.g. Fairmont Hotels > always 5*).

Independent hotels are rated according to the facilities they will have.

2. TBI

TBI stands for TOPHOTELPROJECTS Benchmark Investment.
This is an automatic calculation of the investment in million US Dollar that includes: region, country, stars category, size of the construction and, of course, the number of rooms.
Property prizes etc. are not taken into account. The TBI is calculated automatically as soon as the above mentioned factors are entered into the database.

3. Construction Phases

Definition of Construction Phases on TOPHOTELCONSTRUCTION

1. Vision 

The vision phase describes a project as a project idea and the implementation can not be guaranteed at this time. From our experience, about 60-70% of the project ideas are being realized. 

The following participants can be identified in this construction phase:  Investor (Owner), Developer and/or the Architect.

2. Pre-Planning

In the pre-planning phase, we verify the project. If a project is in this phase it usually is being realized. This phase is mostly about planning the design and the cost estimation. The parties involved here are the investors, owners and hotel project developers, as well as the architecture office, which is responsible for the planning and in most cases also for the implementation of the hotel project. 

3. Planning

The planning phase is the concrete implementation of the pre-planning and cost estimation with all the requirements and service phases of the HOAI. 

In this phase, the interior designer is being requested, commissioned and integrated into the project realization. The planning phase includes the performance phases of property and technical planning, site planning and landscape planning.

In addition, companies from the FF&E area should be starting to get in touch with the contacts of a project in this phase. 

4. Under Construction

The construction phase starts with the groundbreaking of the property. Now it’s a direct structural implementation of the planning on the construction site. The phase ends in our database with the pre-opening phase, although the construction is not fully completed. Besides the architectural office and the interior designer, this is the phase where we look for other important contacts, such as general contractors and/or consultants for specific products and services.

5. Pre-Opening

This phase describes the final path of the project until the opening. Our research team names the address and the hotel’s contact approximately 6 months before the planned opening. The timing of the pre-opening phase can vary because it depends on the project size and category.

The Pre-Opening-Office is a good contact for all information and other contacts that could be important for the supplier industry in the last construction phase, especially for equipment products and services from the OS&E sector.

Training Videos

1. Project Information

2. How to use filters

3. Favourites & Project Updates

4. Exporting Data

5. Managing your account

6. Creating Search Channels

7. How to create notes